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Page 1175 — Game Imitating Life

And that's it for The Return of Harmony! Hooooooly crap. We finally reached the end, or rather the beginning, of the point that I was mandated to reach way back when the comic began. We got through Discord. Not unscathed, but I have to admit it was as fascinating as it was tough to moderate.

We've got some guest comics lined up, and to my knowledge I'm expecting a little more than five weeks worth of guest comics, so… That's how long my sabbatical will be! See you all on the other side!

Oh, and I've started a new tabletop podcast called Spudventures! It's a catch-all for all the campaigns my friends and I will be running. We streamed the first episode of my FATE superhero-themed mini-campaign The Cinematic Universe last Sunday, and the podcast and video should be going up at the end of the week.

Anyway, if you need me, I'll be playing the crap out of Kingdom Hearts III.

DM: How'd it go?
Fluttershy: Umm…
DM: Yeah, sounds about right. I'll talk with him some more later.
Pinkie Pie: Me too! Shame it didn't work out! This coulda been kinda cool!
DM: Yep. That's on me. But it is what it is now. That's kinda why… I want the next few sessions to be all about healing and regaining agency, y'know, that sort of thing. Which, hey, a world in chaos happens to fit that theme… neatly.
Rarity: So what can we expect in the next session? Anything we should be preparing for?
Twilight Sparkle: Other than the aftershocks of Discord's randomness.
DM: Honestly? I have no earthly idea.
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