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Page 1191 – Parties Past and Present

Now, before you ask, no, our players aren’t going to see the one BIG spoiler that the second scenario implies.

Though can you tell I can’t wait to rid myself of that restriction?? How have I made it seven and a half years so far with mainly now-one-third of the series?!

Anyway, Story Time about next-generation campaigns or sequel-with-new-characters campaigns? Have we already done that one? I’m sure it’s come up…

DM: Alright, is everyone cool with the idea of building new Equestrian characters in 5th edition?
Rainbow Dash: Cool to me.
Fluttershy: I’ll need help again…
Twilight Sparkle: I’m still attached to Twilight, but… I think I’m ready.
DM: Okay, so. I’ve got basically two ideas off the top of my head. The first one takes place far, far in the past, either just before or just after the unification of the three pony tribes. The six Pillars of Equestria. The most famous adventurers of the ancient times. Including one Starswirl the Bearded. The other idea is something in the future, by about 7-10 years.
Applejack: We’re not gonna play our descendants again, are we?
DM: Well… not your kids. In the future, an international School of Friendship is founded.
Rainbow Dash: Isn’t that spoilers?
DM: For what?
Rainbow Dash: That we beat Discord?
DM: So?
Rainbow Dash: Good point.
DM: Anyway, the difference in that scenario is that you don’t have to play ponies. You can play as exchange students from new tentative allies of Equestria. Interested?
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