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Page 1192 – Batter Up

There’s also practical problems of having two diurnal and nocturnal populations coexisting peacefully in the same settlements without disturbing each other… Luna manages it by basically having a soundproof room to herself, seems like.

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Rarity: So when you say "tentative new allies"…
DM: Oh, I’ve been coming up with tons of new races for plotlines later down the line.
Rainbow Dash: Really? And you only gave us three when we were building for THIS game?
DM: Being ponies was kind of central to… the initial campaign.
Rainbow Dash: Well, alright then. Windmill-slam batpony!
DM: Uhhh… no.
Rainbow Dash: WHAT? Why not?
DM: The bat-winged ponies you saw that night – they were merely glamoured up to look like that. There is no actual distinct vampire-esque population.
Rainbow Dash: I say again: Why not?!
DM: Because! It would make certain parts of the lore not make sense! Why would Luna have felt lonely at night when there was a whole segment of the nation waking up just for her? And she’s already busy full-time protecting the dreams of the diurnal ponies, so…!
Rainbow Dash: …You’re not gonna let me be a batpony, are you.
DM: Not until they actually make sense to me.
Rainbow Dash: Uggggh.
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To be fair, the counterargument to batponies is just as baseless. If Luna wanted to be loved and admired, why glamour up her guards to be scary? Why not use pegasi in the usual blue armor of nighttime guards at Canterlot? If I may present my own argument, they were chosen for being better fliers at night. There’s also plenty of other equine races outside of the main three pony races. Changelings, Kirins, Crystal Ponies, Saddle Arabians. Bat Ponies would fit right in, and when you stack up that many of even those outsiders are diurnal, Having only 1 one of 6, give or take, of the equine races admiring your work would be plenty of reason for gratuitous resentment.