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Page 1193 – Population Explosion

When you list them all* out like that, it’s certainly… something.

* I’m well aware that’s not even "all" of them.

Rainbow Dash: Fiiiiine, what else ya got?
DM: Like I said, I’ve got lots of races and stat blocks for all of them, in both 4th and 5th Edition. There’s zebras, crystal ponies, griffons, changelings, dragons, abyssinians, parrots, seaponies, hippogriffs, kirin, yaks, sirens…
DM: What?
Applejack: You’ve got all o’ that, just… waitin’ fer a rainy day??
DM: I like to create stat blocks for RPGs in my spare time. It’s actually pretty easy! I mean, look, let’s be honest for a second… How do you think I first got the idea for this campaign?
safe (1424884)artist:newbiespud (1178)edited screencap (44046)screencap (173639)applejack (147311)fluttershy (183594)grampa gruff (208)pinkie pie (188480)prince rutherford (597)princess celestia (83397)princess ember (5109)rainbow dash (203294)rarity (157096)seaspray (123)thorax (3528)twilight sparkle (259505)alicorn (162458)changedling (5796)changeling (32199)classical hippogriff (3760)dragon (37330)earth pony (147177)griffon (21275)hippogriff (6622)pegasus (186902)pony (687767)unicorn (201882)yak (3089)comic:friendship is dragons (1333)school daze (2443)big crown thingy (1948)blind eye (193)book (26951)bookshelf (2434)canterlot (3924)cloud (28378)comic (89204)dialogue (50459)dragoness (5416)ethereal mane (4633)eye scar (3667)eyes closed (67666)female (756568)fez (473)flying (29730)grin (27907)hat (64416)hoof shoes (2784)jewelry (38764)king thorax (2211)looking up (11820)male (256579)mane six (26262)mare (333510)meme (73304)mountain (3711)open mouth (103763)peytral (1614)rainbow (3331)raised hoof (31954)regalia (12144)scar (8508)screencap comic (3422)smiling (182457)surprised (6791)unicorn twilight (7854)


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