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Do you get this?0w0
suggestive131162 artist:pencil bolt483 flash magnus754 somnambula1739 pegasus252815 pony870929 armor22116 armor skirt176 bedroom eyes54046 bleeding598 blood22824 blushing180318 clothes420582 comic102456 dialogue60282 egyptian730 egyptian pony214 eyeshadow13817 female1274834 flirting1345 helmet9769 impending lapdance1 jewelry54163 lap dance100 magnambula39 makeup18747 male339212 mare433727 necklace16131 nosebleed2195 see-through4702 see-through shirt81 see-through skirt108 shipping186511 skirt36606 skirt lift4532 speech bubble20848 stallion96215 straight126419 wings84786


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Background Pony #6107
Well Twilight and Somnambula got their flash!
Princess Twilight got Flash Sentry!
Somnambula got flash Magnus!

Both those stallion are Pegasus and are soldier and very loyal!
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Background Pony #CC5B
I don't have a face photo like you guys do…sorry I was rude again she's hot…y////y[cover eyes while blushing]~Count ziltromon
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Background Pony #CC5B
[nosebleed] i'm so sorry…it's just i like you see-through skirt…and…oh man…i'm sorry y////y[cover eyes while blushing][so embarrassed]~count ziltromon
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