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so i couldn’t help myself and watched the finale early and kinda fell in love with the apple family’s evolution. also appledash canon.

here aj and rd have their youngest child, honeycrisp (who looks very similar to her late great granny jane), and aj is now pregnant with their second child. (these are headcanons cause i cant resist making nextgen designs lmao) this is not sugarverse canon, but rather… canon canon i guess?

this took a while but was real fun to make!

background vector by BonesWolbach
safe (1426407)artist:boneswolbach (294)artist:guzzlord (34)apple bloom (43537)applejack (147523)big macintosh (25201)granny smith (4606)rainbow dash (203537)sugar belle (2350)oc (523931)oc:honeycrisp (121)earth pony (147572)pegasus (187278)pony (694364)unicorn (202343)the last problem (980)the ticket master (717)spoiler:s09e26 (1026)appledash (4867)bow (19278)clothes (354848)colt (11161)deviantart watermark (1345)female (757995)filly (50345)freckles (20463)goldie delicious' scarf (6)granny smith's scarf (25)hat (64551)lesbian (81658)magical lesbian spawn (8421)male (257181)mare (334063)missing cutie mark (3251)obtrusive watermark (2181)offspring (28708)older (18293)older applejack (135)older rainbow dash (142)one eye closed (20310)parent:applejack (2739)parent:rainbow dash (4299)parents:appledash (215)picture frame (548)preggo jack (20)pregnant (11109)scarf (17429)shipping (164087)stairs (1254)stallion (72710)straight (109213)sugarmac (566)sweet apple acres (2126)watermark (12534)wink (18631)


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Background Pony #574C
Honeycrisp:Pleas, Aunt Apple Bloom, Cani go to School of Friendship.

Apple Bloom:I wanna say no, but then you can go to Ponyville Schoolhouse.
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Background Pony #F62B
(this was guzzlord again, i turn into a grandma when trying to use the internet)
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Background Pony #F62B
I’m taking my headcanons as canon because there’s no one from hasbro to personally tell me otherwise :)
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Background Pony #9AF0
If I’ve learned anything about shipping in MLP, it’s that rarely is it confirmed. What’s probably going to happen is that the whole questions between Applejack and Rainbow Dash are never answered.

Also, she’s captain of the Wonderbolts now. Why would she live on a farm?
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slevaopasno's avatar
And Applejack (like her other 4 friends) now lonely old mare without family and kids, who likes scissors exersise. Thanks hasbro, for destroing institute of family in young minds, so brave (no). Only party maniacs worthy of having children.
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guzzlord here! to answer questions: children are through magical discord sex-switching magic. as for appledash, i assure you it is very canon :)
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That one EqD commenter
@Background Pony #2085
Also, how are they having a child ?

"Magical lesbian spawns" are surprisingly common in this fandom, mostly because of the high amount of lesbian shipping, which makes some shippers wish for them to have a child that isn’t adopted, even though it doesn’t make any biological sense.
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