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Made for Sunset Shimmer Appreciation Day.
Yesterday a pone ( https://www.deviantart.com/acewissle/art/Laid-Back-Sunset-Shimmer-813951796 ), today a human. Sunset Shimmer is best EVERYTHING <3

Pose based on Rainbow Dash in Get The Show On The Road
safe (1430236)artist:wissle (189)sunset shimmer (50708)eqg summertime shorts (2543)equestria girls (159839)get the show on the road (151)backwards ballcap (631)baseball cap (1477)cap (3011)clothes (356020)clothes swap (720)converse (4467)cutie mark on clothes (617)female (760914)grin (28074)hat (64830)leaning back (269)looking at you (120622)reclining (282)shoes (24100)simple background (291108)sitting (46146)smiling (183404)sneakers (4181)solo (876692)sunset shimmer day (129)transparent background (151992)


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