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These are all the recolored student pony mares of the originals who doesn't reside in Ponyville. The top shows the student ponies (who are unnamed), while the bottom shows the originals.
From Top Left to Top Right: Unnamed Earth Number 2 from Season 8 Episode 1, Unnamed Earth Mare Number 1 from Season 8 Episode 14, Unnamed Earth Mare from Season 8 Episode 14, Unnamed Earth Mare Number 3 from Season 8 Episode 14, and Unnamed Earth Mare Number 4 from Season 8 Episode 14.
From Bottom Left to Bottom Right: Sunshine Smiles, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Pursey Pink, Burning Passion, and Lavender Sunrise.
Note: Sunshine Smiles is the only Unicorn on the list, while Lavender Sunrise is the only Pegasus on the list.
safe1640491 edit125813 edited screencap60897 editor:jaredking203325 screencap213869 berry sweet93 burning passion42 fuchsia frost110 lavender sunrise35 lilac swoop46 night view93 pursey pink62 raspberry vinaigrette100 strawberry scoop214 sunshine smiles251 earth pony224491 pegasus266440 pony906040 unicorn295915 background pony9795 collage1295 female1306116 friendship student1585 las pegasus resident491 mare450297 raised hoof42150 recolor4100 simple background371213 sitting59112 white background92046


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