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safe1613705 edit122927 edited screencap59182 screencap210566 cozy glow6699 spur242 pegasus256614 pony881336 growing up is hard to do1371 bandana4938 cozy glow is not amused434 cozy spur4 cropped46645 female1284456 filly61523 older24304 older cozy glow254 palette swap1131 recolor4069 solo1001958 teenager4431


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Young Leosword
The initial screenplay for the latter portion of S09 was likely transcribed in like two days. I probably wouldn’t be surprised considering the bone-idle ending of every other two-parter, lol.
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Background Pony #7235
Picture of a teenage pegasus in their natural habitat, circa 3019 AD 🙂
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