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safe (1447960)artist:dieart77 (336)artist:limedazzle (326)edit (101653)spike (69529)spike the regular dog (2263)starlight glimmer (38907)sunburst (4937)trixie (56912)dog (7583)human (132441)a horse shoe-in (766)equestria girls (162420)spoiler:s09e20 (761)absurd resolution (61689)beach (11195)bikini (13924)clothes (362589)equestria girls-ified (7409)equestria girls interpretation (481)female (777188)hug (22965)kiss mark (816)lipstick (8269)male (263823)puffy cheeks (3204)redraw (1163)scene interpretation (7040)shipping (167018)sparlight (509)straight (111051)stupid sexy starlight glimmer (428)swimsuit (21191)

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