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Dash never wanted kids, after she had Ember she thought she could never truly love a child of her own. When she had married Soarin, he want a child of his own. Dont get him wrong, he loved Ember and did consider her as his own, but he wanted to experience the whole deal, from start to finish and Dash admired his love and wish for this, so she agreed to have a child with him. What they didnt expect was that she’d be having twins. When the boys where born she had finally found out what it means to love a child of your own, and this did make her want to have another one, which resulted in Light Reflection (still iffy on his name). Dash had her three boys + Ember, she had all that she had ever wanted and was still pretty young and had her whole life to keep going with the wonderbolts.

Well, so she thought. After 8 years Dash found out she was pregnant, this time with triplets. Triplets are very rare and most times kill the mother. This scared everyone and they thought maybe an abortion would be best but with triplets its much harder. With the help of her friends and Soarin, they decided to ride this out, they decided to keep the triplets and just hope for the best. The triplets where born a month early and Dash became very weak and sickly and had to stay in hospital a lot longer then the triplets. She was finally realised a month after giving birth to the triplets, Electric Rhythm, Aero Mist and Cosmic Thunder. Three new additions to her already large family.

After the birth of the triplets and Dash’s long recovery they decided that they would no longer be risky or try anything new. The doctor explained the next time she might not be so lucky, even if the next is just one foal, its unclear of what would happen but there are high risks if she where to have another child.

Four years had passed and it was finally the triplets 4th birthday Dash had organised a massive, huge 20% cooler birthday bash for them and had ordered catering for the event. She went all out, as she did for most of her kids, but since Pinkie was so busy with other events, Dash decided it be best not to overload poor Pinkie and get catering from a different company

Now if your like me and you just cant sit and read for a long time, then heres an over view of what happen:

– Triplets just turned 4 and they had a big party for them
– Dash had been feeling a little sick and thought it was due to food poising
– She’d been throwing up and having issues just standing up without falling over
– Went for a catch up with Fluttershy when Flutters suggested that this seems a lot like she might be pregnant
– Dash didnt really want to believe it but went and brought a pregnancy test just in case it was true
– Gets Soarin and tells him what flutters thinks
– They both wait and Dash gets a bit pissy on if it is positive
– Turns out to be positive and now Soarin will be sleeping on the couch


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