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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Fall leaf – F2U by GentleLark Information
Fall leaf – F2U by GentleLark

A long time ago, there was a large ancient temple.
There was a gem with strange magical powers, which the lizard touched, becoming a strange creature…

Over time they gained the same knowledge as the pony. They live in Equestria and remote mountains.
They were able to use powerful spells with their jewels with strange magical powers.
They can turn into a pony with the magic, or use magic similar to a pony.

They are very fast and wise. They can fly in the sky with magic wings or swim quickly
They maintain a close relationship with dragons and chainrings.
Their favorite food is fish, and they can eat pony food.

They are the most powerful magical gems on their hind legs, gathering nearby magic and air.
They call this ’airic’. ’Airic’ refers to running through the magical aurora that collects the magic and air at a rate of two to three times
faster than usual, exhaling the magical aurora. This is also a play of the young Zetnavia.

More coming soon

You can add your own marks there!
You can add marks in wings!

Fall leaf – F2U by GentleLark
Fall leaf – F2U by GentleLark

1. Don’t steal it.
2. If you make your own Zetnavia, credit me.
3. Have fun~

Fall leaf – F2U by GentleLark
Q and A
Fall leaf – F2U by GentleLark

Q. Can I make my Zetnavia?
A. Yes, sure! If you make, I’ll be so glad <3
Q. Can I make adopt or custom, the commission of this species?
A. No, only I can UwU
Q. Is it have a co-owner?
A. Nope
Q. Can I make king/queen of Zetnabia?
A. No, they have a queen already haha!

If you have more questions, ask me!

Some Zetnavia example/the queen
Magna, The Queen Of Zetnavia

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