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My other sources for such an image are dead, had to make something up… the internet gave me no choice.

Shamelessly ripped from >>1173650
safe1639003 artist:magnaluna1009 derpibooru exclusive26560 edit125685 princess luna96517 alicorn211031 pony904769 :t3672 annoyed5271 ask24466 bored1415 cake9387 candle4481 color porn1063 cute189608 don't ask to ask2 ear fluff26280 ethereal mane7216 eyes closed86210 female1304819 floppy ears48890 fluffy13559 food65961 galaxy mane1047 looking at you156710 lunabetes3379 mare449588 meme80228 solo1019776 text55046 text edit1140 tumblr34714 unamused15044


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Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
Does she want me to ask or NOT ask a question??

She wants to ask a question if you have a question to ask her.

What she doesn't want is for you to first ask if you may ask her a question. That's just pointless. :P

It's a common thing in schools….

Student: Sir, may I ask a question?
Teacher: You just did! But I'll let you ask another one as well, what was it?
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Derpy Whooves
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Looking For My Doctor
Oh my gosh so much this. So many "uhm … I have a question is that ok?" PMs that never ever ever result in an actual question ever being asked.
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