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As much as I loved the episode "A Horse Shoe-In", I question the wisdom of this decision.
safe1617216 artist:chopsticks488 peppermint goldylinks418 sunburst6170 trixie64075 pegasus257853 pony884994 unicorn285882 a horse shoe-in1284 background pony9644 bow25884 cape9548 cheek fluff4776 clothes426690 comic103427 crossed legs2919 cutie mark43956 demotivational poster248 desk3006 dialogue61064 didn't think this through156 ear fluff25390 female1287382 friendship student1535 glasses56916 great and powerful169 hair bow14183 hat79666 hoof fluff1251 male344392 mare440052 meme79654 narcissism313 photo76512 plushie22540 self plushidox49 smug5504 stallion98021 text53639 trixie being trixie8 trixie's cape3511 trixie's hat4304 underhoof48166


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I would point out that we should be proud that she hasn't created her own clone yet, but that's probably because Trixie cannot allow any other Trixie-like being to be stealing her spotlight.
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Trixie also mightn't be the best one to go to to learn about brevity either.
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