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"Loose Tracks": This is Hayseed Junction. The train to Appleloosa isn't for a few hours.
safe1617780 screencap211041 apple bloom47541 loose tracks51 scootaloo49674 sweetie belle47329 growing up is hard to do1374 booth199 creepy3991 cutie mark43978 cutie mark crusaders18363 grin34712 lantern1453 older24387 older apple bloom1852 older cmc379 older scootaloo1834 older sweetie belle2056 platform60 smiling224982 swamp452 the cmc's cutie marks4663 train tracks129 tree29273


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
I TOLD YOU we should've left earlier for the train, instead of wasting our time looking for the Elements of Harmony to be our supervisors!!
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