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Meet Anarchy Gear :3
(And yes, she is based of Gaige from Borderlands 2 XD)

A punk scientist with a love of robotics, she is a adventure, wandering a desert, almost wasteland area of Equestria, in the pursuit of of extremely rare treasure and loot. Past instances with bandits resulted in her losing a leg, but she didn’t let that get her down!

Instead of moping, she decided to make herself a new badass cyborg arm out of scrap! 

She is a pretty perky and upbeat pony, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. She enjoys her machines and learning about robotics and creating new robots. She can also be a very loyal and trustworthy friend to have and she always has your back. Even if she’s a little bit crazy X)
safe (1446033)artist:aestheticallylithi (3)oc (533197)oc:anarchy gear (1)oc only (367764)cyborg (2669)earth pony (154082)pony (713662)amputee (3498)bedroom eyes (45079)belt (3697)borderlands (319)bracelet (6812)choker (7434)clothes (361926)converse (4568)cute (151669)denim (250)eyeshadow (10739)female (775371)fingerless gloves (3375)gloves (14606)goggles (11854)jewelry (40256)makeup (14444)mare (344792)necklace (12557)pigtails (3260)pleated skirt (3475)prosthetic leg (578)prosthetic limb (2073)prosthetics (2417)reference sheet (8682)shirt (17555)shoes (24672)simple background (295435)skirt (31973)socks (49885)solo (886900)striped socks (16882)transparent background (153957)t-shirt (2771)wristband (2495)


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