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Everyone's unique hug animation. Except Paprika's clone, none of them are happy about it.
safe1708181 arizona cow1151 fhtng th§ ¿nsp§kbl308 oleander1161 paprika paca888 pom lamb681 tianhuo613 velvet reindeer1351 alpaca954 classical unicorn4115 cow3332 deer5790 lamb522 longma625 reindeer2006 sheep1532 unicorn324141 them's fightin' herds4528 adorable distress561 affection149 arizona cow is not amused22 bandana5339 bear hug114 book33512 cloven hooves10192 community related4215 cute200081 derp6801 duality4253 female1364742 game screencap1494 hape375 hug28311 leonine tail8620 no pupils4041 oleander is not amused30 pom lamb is not amused10 puppy607 squeezing468 tianhuo is not amused9 unicornomicon143 unshorn fetlocks25548 varying degrees of do not want12 varying degrees of want717 velvet reindeer is not amused38


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