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safe1613922 screencap210586 fizzlepop berrytwist9029 minuette5531 moondancer4556 tempest shadow16150 trixie63942 twinkleshine2082 bear1172 unicorn284538 ursa140 ursa minor582 my little pony: the movie18267 the ending of the end2911 broken horn13185 clothes425270 female1284673 filly61540 filly tempest shadow64 glasses56682 glowing horn17677 grammar error1713 headcanon2146 horn51741 imminent pain117 mare438853 meme79567 past59 rearing5266 sad23138 scarf21484 smiling224186 snarling135 text53472 younger15952


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She sort of did discover a magical talent of making things not unlike fireworks though. I think there's a few scenes where her magic seems to spin through the air. I imagine that's not unlike a bullet spinning out of a barrel to straighten out. So there's definitely some skill that goes into her explosions.

If the magic behind cutie marks is inside them, I think it's inevitable she does what she's passionate about and gets a mark. Even if it's post-movie.
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The real reason according to Big Jim is that they didn't want to design a cutie mark for her for a couple of background appearances, but the most obvious in-universe reason is that she just doesn't have one. She was a wee bab when her horn got busted, and none of her playmates had their marks yet either.
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@Background Pony #3DBA
That's pretty genius actually.

Her special talent does seem to be to make things explode, after all. What a better and more dark way to earn your cutie mark than to overload and blow your own horn to shrapnel trying to protect yourself?

You should see what happened to the Ursa Minor!
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Background Pony #B96A
Clearly Tempest Shadow is a 'Never Nude'. There are dozens of them! Dozens! Like Sunburst!

You could come up with plenty of in-unvierse theories that all make sense. Maybe she travels the Bad Lands and beyond and still needs physical cover? She kind of looks like a desert dweller dressed down for better climates to me.

But yeah, probably the cutie mark thing…
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Background Pony #8BFD
Or maybe the artists covered her to keep from showing what her cutie mark is.
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Background Pony #2753
Also as an explanation for the difficulty in fixing it without top tier shenanigans: It didn't break in half, the shards of it are all over the cave that still has an ursa in it.
It's a lot easier to reattach a severed finger than reform hamburger into a finger, much less when you have to fight a giant bear for the hamburger.
I assume the eye scar happened along the way and she kept it because tiny town with mediocre doctor, or she kept it to be edgy.
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Background Pony #2753
Completely unrelated, but I'd like to share a theory.
1. The scar across her eye and the horn would be really hard to angle a claw to do.
2. It's a bear the size of a building, it clearly didn't seriously maul her or she'd be edge paste.
3. Young ponies driven to extremis are known to surge as a survival mechanism.
My theory is she managed a surged and improvised shield the ursa hit it with one building's worth of force, and the feedback overloaded her horn. The resulting explosion drove her back out of the cave; the ursa never actually hit her directly at all.
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