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I made this in response to…

I hope you like it. Trixie might not get Starlight, but she can make ends meet with Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Meme made at

Trixie's reaction to Sunburst's Proposal to Starlight made by 3D4D
safe1617783 edit123207 edited screencap59284 screencap211041 starlight glimmer45698 sunburst6174 trixie64093 twilight sparkle288588 alicorn206548 pony885403 a horse shoe-in1285 no second prances1766 road to friendship1514 comic103449 female1287760 lesbian91965 male344543 screencap comic4340 shipping188639 starburst1098 straight128043 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118502 twixie4972


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