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Please Credit:

MLP Couple Base by DoraeArtDreams-Aspy


[Background] Crystal Empire by FrownFactory
safe1554862 artist:missxxfofa12384 starlight glimmer42932 sunburst5667 pony826046 unicorn257129 base used14878 blushing172477 eye contact6098 female878926 holding hooves1375 looking at each other15755 male298891 mare403926 rule 6324790 shipping181481 stallion90279 starburst985 stellar gleam81 straight120074 sungleam5 sunstone (g4 r63 sunburst)49


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Background Pony #EF04
Prince Starlight Charming and Princess Sunburst, hehe.

I hope to see Stellar Gleam (Male!Starlight) forms harem with Sunstone (Fem!Sunburst) and Trixie.