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Isn't it funny that most of TwilightSparkle's friends deserve a good spanking or two ?


Art by Circe
Colors by AnimeGirl ( AKA KittySusan )

Uploaded with permission from Circe and Frist.
suggestive132828 artist:animegirl20126 artist:circe262 queen chrysalis33400 trixie64075 twilight sparkle288507 alicorn206409 changeling43028 anthro240616 unguligrade anthro44510 art pack:spankapalooza16 arm behind back5382 blushing182835 breasts254741 cardboard box681 clothes426688 comic103427 crown15175 didn't think this through156 digital colours11 disguise4287 disguised changeling2408 hands behind back1398 hoodie12813 jewelry55415 literal butthurt300 miniskirt4837 over the knee53 panties47468 panties around legs2260 panties pulled down3751 pleated skirt3997 regalia17736 roll up sleave1 skirt37088 skirt lift4571 spank mark907 spanking2532 spread wings49715 sweat24273 teary eyes3609 traditional art111358 transformation9902 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118464 underwear57207 wingboner7908 wings88100


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In Treue fest
I'd imagine being able to administer two well-earned punishments at once must be as gratifying as it is convenient.
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Background Pony #2A83
Reminds me of a moment from Chip Cheezum's MGS4 LP. He's fighting a boss that can take the appearance of other characters, they turn into Naomi, then Chip shoots them with a rocket launcher, saying "Too bad you picked a character I hate!"
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