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Isn’t it funny that most of TwilightSparkle’s friends deserve a good spanking or two ?


Art by Circe
Colors by AnimeGirl ( AKA KittySusan )

Uploaded with permission from Circe and Frist.
suggestive (114909)artist:animegirl2012 (6)artist:circe (258)queen chrysalis (29739)trixie (56836)twilight sparkle (263546)alicorn (167471)anthro (203628)changeling (33272)unguligrade anthro (37860)art pack:spankapalooza (16)arms behind back (3812)blushing (156281)breasts (208533)cardboard box (588)clothes (361762)comic (90951)crown (11187)didn't think this through (120)digital colours (11)disguise (3218)disguised changeling (1841)hands behind back (1087)hoodie (10476)jewelry (40216)miniskirt (3962)over the knee (2)pain in the butt (133)panties (42075)panties around legs (1973)panties pulled down (3141)pleated skirt (3469)regalia (12822)roll up sleave (1)skirt (31965)skirt lift (4228)spanking (2258)spank mark (718)spread wings (41612)sweat (20231)teary eyes (2453)traditional art (99074)transformation (8277)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104089)underwear (50309)wingboner (7344)wings (54711)


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Background Pony #FEF6
Reminds me of a moment from Chip Cheezum’s MGS4 LP. He’s fighting a boss that can take the appearance of other characters, they turn into Naomi, then Chip shoots them with a rocket launcher, saying "Too bad you picked a character I hate!"
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