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Sunset Shimmer frantically trying to locate Pinkie's whereabouts…
safe1583039 screencap205560 bulk biceps3231 captain planet654 curly winds591 fleur-de-lis3301 frosty orange233 ginger owlseye240 laurel jade49 paisley713 peppermint azure29 raspberry lilac134 sandalwood1009 sandy cerise46 snails5103 snips4018 snow flower119 some blue guy565 starlight675 sunset shimmer57347 sweet leaf517 track starr124 wiz kid623 equestria girls182403 equestria girls series29115 sunset's backstage pass!2127 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12092 ass43063 background human6084 boots19237 butt31880 clothes413338 ear piercing22138 earring18291 female1163022 geode of empathy2440 hat76982 jewelry52814 magical geodes6903 male308599 midriff18221 offscreen character30029 outdoors7999 piercing35435 shoes30873 shorts12458 sleeveless3328 stage2743 sunglasses13130 tanktop6867


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