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That moment when you realize that 5/6 of the Students probably don't have experience with pony/human technology, including vacuum cleaners!

If I had and decent drawing talent, I would have without question made a comic about it!
safe1617215 edit123185 edited screencap59281 screencap211000 gallus6194 ocellus4872 sandbar5056 silverstream5662 smolder7208 yona4739 changedling7702 changeling43028 classical hippogriff4651 dragon50998 griffon25163 hippogriff8816 pony884996 yak4262 school raze2239 !?!1 behaving like a cat2016 behaving like a dog1294 bow25884 claws4714 cloven hooves9206 cropped46756 dragoness7258 exclamation point3464 fear948 female1287381 hair bow14183 hand over mouth97 headcanon2153 hoof over mouth213 interrobang902 male344392 meme79654 monkey swings1254 paws4456 question mark4173 reaction image9278 scared9753 shocked6212 student six1506 teenager4437 text53639 vacuum cleaner191


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