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safe (1448425)artist:dziadek1990 (308)applejack (149703)pinkie pie (191140)rainbow dash (206136)rarity (159554)twilight sparkle (263881)winona (2298)dog (7584)amused (278)behaving like a dog (1113)body swap (675)confused (3410)conversation (430)desperate (62)desperation (601)dialogue (51616)disgusted (940)disgusting (85)emotes (467)emote story (412)eww (78)grass (7025)gross (235)grossed out (28)happy (24397)horn (27819)licking (15918)look at it! (1)look at my ass (64)magic (58643)rolling (464)scared (8064)tail (15227)terrified (294)text (41692)tongue out (77287)varying degrees of amusement (81)varying degrees of want (566)


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Background Pony #C303
You don’t use needles in tossing seeds onto fertile ground, Rarity. You use needles in SEWING.
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