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Fanart based on 's fanfic Daughter of Discord. Where Applejack and Spike are a thing in the future. :3 I kinda like the thing.


Artwork by: Morgwaine
safe1615407 artist:morgwaine26 applejack162560 spike75745 dragon50905 earth pony215833 pony883232 applespike775 blushing182520 clothes425880 cute186222 date805 dress41124 female1285940 flower23436 flower in hair6958 gala dress4350 male343738 mare439385 older24338 older spike4765 shipping188293 simple background361074 straight127799 transparent background187063


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Background Pony #33E6
Excellent work continues with your work especially all the drawings of Princess Trixie Sparkle is so epic.