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Mm, cozy :) Personally, I like cold weather, especially late fall, not so sure ’bout bugs, though :(

suggestive185432 artist:longtailshort697 queen chrysalis41243 changeling63885 changeling queen23045 anthro346005 unguligrade anthro63151 g41926651 bedroom eyes79173 bugbutt2312 butt219152 chrysalass1401 clothes611585 female1739325 frilly underwear4824 lidded eyes45159 looking at you246292 looking back82521 looking back at you27553 panties61694 raised tail23934 rear view20945 red underwear1524 socks91260 solo1381658 solo female225245 stockings46253 sweater18829 tail89007 tail hole2093 thigh highs55948 thigh socks836 underwear76203


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Lunar Champion - Led the charge of major battles for the New Lunar Republic, bringing swift and crushing defeat to the forces of the Solar Empire (April Fools 2023).

In Treue fest
Oh my! Loving this fine queen and her magnificent royal backside! I must say, this choice of colours suits her rather well.