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Uploaded by Background Pony #8871
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For Inktober 2019 (prompt 8)  
Prelude to: >>2162445
safe1945381 artist:gd_inuk102 ocellus6306 sandbar6424 silverstream7242 changedling10297 changeling57600 classical hippogriff5938 earth pony350404 hippogriff12007 pony1295138 blank eyes566 claw hold44 comic122374 dialogue78597 drill208 empty eyes649 fangs32433 green background3377 hammer1986 inktober1965 inktober 2019457 jar1285 jewelry88482 lineless4802 logo parody360 no mouth616 no pupils5033 ocellus is not amused77 pun8283 reeee229 scope266 sick1878 simple background490186 sitting77038 sound effect33 sparkles6282 sweat32864 sweatdrop4389 this will end in pain2324 this will end in tears3814 this will not end well2095 unamused20151


not provided yet


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