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Tempest and Starlight have reverted back to some of their old tendencies.
Looks like it's up the Princess of Friendship to remind her friends whats really important.

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Unabashed Furry & Brony
So, changing the subject from politics to something else, why is this tagged with "tubby wubby pony waifu"?
Background Pony #6740
Celestia has been subtly manipulating the gene pool over the millennia to breed increased subservient tendencies in her subjects, like the clone army in Star Wars.
Background Pony #5775
@Wispy Tuft
All leaders can be satirized, not even fictional leaders are exception, somehow people need some guilty pleasure entertainments due to unsatisfactory of some leaders personally.
Background Pony #3F7D
The tyrant Celestia isn't my favourite, but this is very funny and make me smile. Good job. Some comments, however, are terrifying and make me miserable.
Wispy Tuft
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Big Golden Bitch
Thanks for coming out. Lets push past the real world politics now. This art was a joke piece intended to satirize Celestia and Equestrian politics. Thanks again for sharing your perspective.