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Twilight is trying not to lose her cool with Disarray as she uses her smug personality to get underneath Twilight's skin.
safe1617781 artist:moni83246 twilight sparkle288588 oc628599 oc:disarray15 alicorn206548 draconequus9918 pony885400 adopted offspring968 annoyed5184 black background4922 cutie mark43978 draconequus oc1161 duo52982 female1287758 floppy ears47913 lidded eyes28260 looking at each other17800 mare440219 parent:discord2922 parent:princess celestia1944 raised hoof40849 simple background362110 sitting57611 smiling224982 smirk11590 smug5508 twilight is not amused1318 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118502 unamused14671


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