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Twilight is trying not to lose her cool with Disarray as she uses her smug personality to get underneath Twilight’s skin.
safe (1447528)artist:moni8324 (6)twilight sparkle (263809)oc (534055)oc:disarray (10)alicorn (167984)draconequus (6567)pony (715318)adopted offspring (891)annoyed (4405)black background (3688)cutie mark (34639)draconequus oc (1052)duo (40146)female (776942)floppy ears (41922)lidded eyes (19523)looking at each other (12991)mare (345876)parent:discord (2424)parent:princess celestia (1615)raised hoof (32669)simple background (295930)sitting (46906)smiling (186689)smirk (9425)smug (4293)twilight is not amused (941)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104223)unamused (11543)


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