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MLP Acrylic Nightlights!

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To celebrate MLP's 9th anniversary, here's a montage of Twilight and Spike's adventures through the seasons.
safe1640622 artist:red4567886 angel bunny9604 apple bloom48029 applejack164654 boulder (pet)1257 capper dapperpaws1501 clover the clever366 cozy glow6905 crackle353 cup cake3967 derpy hooves49082 diamond tiara9968 discord29768 fido513 fluttershy205801 gabby2252 gallus6355 gummy4969 humdrum445 lord tirek5171 masked matter-horn798 maud pie12164 moondancer4665 ocellus4991 owlowiscious1958 pinkie pie210052 pipsqueak2795 pound cake2477 princess cadance31539 princess celestia92350 princess ember6130 princess flurry heart6849 princess luna96583 princess skystar1873 queen chrysalis33689 rainbow dash226697 rarity176045 rockhoof1086 sandbar5188 scootaloo50147 shining armor22371 silver spoon6349 silverstream5811 sludge (dragon)341 smolder7393 smooze830 somnambula1814 spike76692 spitfire13065 star swirl the bearded1950 starlight glimmer46582 sunburst6326 sweetie belle47806 tank2679 tempest shadow16364 thorax4149 trixie65114 twilight sparkle291892 yona4838 alicorn211307 bat pony46390 bird7599 breezie2102 bugbear185 changedling7851 changeling44197 diamond dog3311 dog9030 dragon52243 earth pony224528 griffon25610 human148733 parasprite2016 pegasus266484 pony906128 unicorn295975 yak4338 28 pranks later927 a canterlot wedding2642 a dog and pony show560 a flurry of emotions1225 a health of information511 a matter of principals1056 a rockhoof and a hard place792 a royal problem2095 a trivial pursuit1114 amending fences1219 applebuck season827 applejack's "day" off570 bats!1698 best gift ever2349 between dark and dawn1569 boast busters1063 bridle gossip708 castle mane-ia862 castle sweet castle1309 celestial advice1109 crusaders of the lost mark1621 do princesses dream of magic sheep1128 dragon dropped1170 dragon quest878 equestria girls191393 equestria girls (movie)6829 every little thing she does928 fake it 'til you make it1045 fall weather friends702 fame and misfortune1036 family appreciation day555 father knows beast871 feeling pinkie keen781 friendship is magic2695 games ponies play1031 gauntlet of fire1445 green isn't your color875 hearth's warming eve (episode)635 horse play868 inspiration manifestation849 it ain't easy being breezies850 it isn't the mane thing about you1137 it's about time712 just for sidekicks911 keep calm and flutter on1023 lesson zero1399 luna eclipsed1479 magic duel2039 magical mystery cure2226 make new friends but keep discord1932 marks for effort1114 maud pie (episode)1265 may the best pet win749 molt down831 my little pony: the movie18490 newbie dash1028 no second prances1794 non-compete clause706 once upon a zeppelin764 owl's well that ends well412 ppov888 princess spike (episode)712 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2611 scare master914 school daze2703 school raze2287 secret of my excess711 shadow play1263 she's all yak1132 slice of life (episode)1674 sparkle's seven1617 spike at your service1018 swarm of the century675 sweet and smoky906 tanks for the memories1423 testing testing 1-2-31347 the beginning of the end2078 the best night ever1302 the crystal empire2738 the crystalling2065 the cutie map4073 the cutie re-mark3125 the end in friend679 the ending of the end3010 the hearth's warming club875 the last problem5299 the last roundup1038 the mane attraction1172 the one where pinkie pie knows796 the point of no return990 the return of harmony1586 the summer sun setback1059 the ticket master904 the times they are a changeling899 three's a crowd1256 to where and back again2614 too many pinkie pies1787 trade ya902 triple threat907 twilight time886 twilight's kingdom2908 uncommon bond784 what about discord?651 what lies beneath1563 winter wrap up1042 3d70082 accordion286 alicorn amulet1822 alternate hairstyle26356 angry25631 animated95333 ballerina968 banjo266 barrel1543 bat ponified2439 beefspike390 behaving like a moth49 big crown thingy2277 blue flu325 bongos120 book32035 butt touch3512 butthug340 cage950 candle4487 clothes436155 cocoon613 colt14091 comic book638 cookie zombie223 crystal2484 cup5937 cutie mark44232 cutie mark crusaders18584 cymbals176 dragon egg193 dress42271 drums976 egg3723 element of magic2117 equestria games433 facehoof1710 faic11772 female1306252 filly62932 filly rainbow dash1199 filly starlight glimmer557 flashback potion214 flutterbat6706 fluttergoth766 food66050 friendship journal160 future twilight1028 gif29383 gigachad spike723 greed spike159 grogar's bell435 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 harmonica138 helm30 hood1231 i see4 ice cream4793 jewelry57294 king thorax2766 long51 luna petting goose123 magic69814 male351544 mane seven6255 mane six30867 mare450351 mlp fim's ninth anniversary314 montage70 multeity2130 musical instrument8865 naked rarity208 older24934 older spike4887 one-pony band18 orange903 pacifier2550 pinkie hugging applejack's butt88 ponies riding gators299 power ponies2632 princess twilight 2.02098 pudding face175 punk2105 punklight sparkle726 quiet143 race swap13633 rapidash twilight386 raripunk1161 regalia18180 riding5156 shirt23027 sign3841 sleeping22558 sneaking300 snow13347 soda drink hat5 source filmmaker42686 sousaphone177 spike the dog2544 student six1544 swamp fever100 t-shirt4104 tambourine452 teenage spike647 teenager4428 the cmc's cutie marks4686 ticket187 too much pink energy is dangerous287 treelight sparkle201 twilight flopple120 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119975 twilight's castle3652 twilighting310 twilynanas123 unicorn twilight15366 wall of tags2809 whining182 winged spike8032 younger16467


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Passionate opinionator
When will this get a webm?! This gif is so awesome that I want to stop and pause at every moment!

Also, imagine if it went like Homer Simpson's timelapse and went through every moment of Twilight's life.
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