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Happy 9th anniversary to MLP friendship is magic!! The power of friendship will always be with us!
(Btw pls add more tags, it’ll take me forever to do so.)
safe (1444470)artist:funimation2002 (15)a.k. yearling (264)aloe (2286)angel bunny (8718)applejack (149384)aunt holiday (194)auntie lofty (182)autumn blaze (2604)big macintosh (25482)bon bon (14784)bow hothoof (782)braeburn (5702)bright mac (981)button mash (3530)capper dapperpaws (1311)captain celaeno (948)carrot cake (1913)chancellor neighsay (545)cheese sandwich (3113)clear sky (327)cloudy quartz (1079)coloratura (2508)cookie crumbles (781)cup cake (3494)daring do (5736)derpy hooves (46136)diamond tiara (9146)dinky hooves (4051)discord (26993)dj pon-3 (26841)doctor caballeron (586)doctor fauna (425)doctor whooves (9595)filthy rich (1029)flash magnus (625)flash sentry (11048)fluttershy (185970)gallus (4645)gentle breeze (230)gilda (8602)grand pear (193)gummy (4622)hondo flanks (412)igneous rock pie (745)lemon hearts (1773)limestone pie (4380)lotus blossom (2434)lyra heartstrings (26330)marble pie (5648)mare do well (908)maud pie (11179)meadowbrook (639)minuette (5061)mistmane (584)moondancer (3900)mudbriar (626)night light (1765)nurse redheart (3013)ocellus (3653)octavia melody (21141)opalescence (1889)owlowiscious (1833)pear butter (2060)pinkie pie (190732)pipsqueak (2587)posey shy (865)pound cake (2246)princess cadance (28408)princess celestia (84371)princess ember (5236)princess flurry heart (5609)princess luna (88657)princess skystar (1603)pumpkin cake (2010)queen novo (982)quibble pants (1368)rainbow dash (205767)rarity (159241)rockhoof (863)rumble (3469)sandbar (3918)sci-twi (19161)shining armor (20275)silver spoon (5876)silverstream (4364)smolder (5230)snails (4936)snips (3765)soarin' (12639)somnambula (1467)songbird serenade (1013)spike (69427)spitfire (12134)starlight glimmer (38809)star swirl the bearded (1775)sugar belle (2422)sunset shimmer (51354)sweetie drops (14773)tank (2457)tender taps (612)thorax (3621)thunderlane (3519)time turner (9585)trixie (56802)twilight sparkle (263385)twilight velvet (3468)twinkleshine (1808)vinyl scratch (30935)whoa nelly (211)wind sprint (396)windy whistles (1620)winona (2281)yona (3778)zephyr breeze (1835)oc (532483)oc:cream heart (1838)abyssinian (1001)alicorn (167233)alligator (473)bird (5419)cat (4552)changedling (6019)changeling (33188)dog (7548)draconequus (6481)dragon (39000)earth pony (153579)griffon (21661)hippogriff (6877)owl (710)parrot (301)parrot pirates (344)pegasus (193404)pony (712348)rabbit (3568)turtle (390)unicorn (209969)yak (3216)equestria girls (162003)equestria girls series (24591)my little pony: the movie (16698)rainbow roadtrip (1082)spring breakdown (1993)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (9041)spoiler:rainbow roadtrip (1077)animal (2398)equestria girls ponified (3623)female (774100)food (52213)happy birthday mlp:fim (790)king thorax (2279)male (262695)mane seven (4952)mane six (26885)mare (344022)mlp fim's ninth anniversary (315)muffin (5845)one eye closed (20829)pillars of equestria (211)pirate (2136)royal sisters (3309)student six (1250)sunglasses (11635)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (103927)unicorn sci-twi (570)wall of tags (1845)winged spike (5782)wink (18933)wrong aspect ratio (416)


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