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"Did you really think I would go away that easy?"

Ooooh Damn! we got ourselves a little pickle here and her name is Starlight Glimmer!! I can't say this is what's going to happen but, I was talking with a few friends and they think she'll be back!!

Do you?

(she's sitting in front of the throne not on it)

Starlight Glimmer & My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro & Lauren Faust
Artwork © FierceWendigo (me)
safe (1521978) artist:fiercewendigo (95) starlight glimmer (41316) bad end (1908) cutie mark (37852) female (846165) glowing horn (15408) horn (35957) implied princess cadance (205) implied princess celestia (531) implied princess luna (366) magic (62502) mare (386767) raised hoof (36453) s5 starlight (1368) signature (17441) sitting (51695) smiling (202168) smirk (10244) solo (936625) telekinesis (23158) this will end in communism (165) throne (2640)


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #1276
Starlight, how do you plan to have night and day if we don't have Celestia and Luna to move the Sun and Moon?
Background Pony #6C71
Starlight: Let me teach all the capitalists and the monrachy system!!