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Here is the safe version of "Future of Spike's love" collage by my own making, with the tip about suggested one click for optimal quality. Hope you enjoy it, as well as the other version uploaded earlier. I would like to hear all of your theories concerning Spike and his love life !
artist needed25608 safe1616257 gabby2217 princess ember5984 rarity173834 smolder7191 spike75772 starlight glimmer45658 sweetie belle47303 alicorn206192 dragon50944 griffon25131 pony884042 the last problem5037 disgusted1111 emberspike537 fangirl215 female1286571 gigachad spike685 love4591 male344006 muscles10729 older24352 older spike4772 older sweetie belle2045 shipping188403 spabby114 sparity6362 spikebelle749 straight127885


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