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“Regardless of time and age, she will always be his Rarity…”
I’m still being in this fandom, although the series has already ended, because I’m still a Sparity fan. So will keep going until I fell I don’t have more inspiration. So thanks a lot for your support all this time, and hope at least few of you will continue supporting me regardless no more seasons will be coming.
And specially, thank you so much to the MLP:FiM staff and everyone who made this show possible!
Sparity forever.
safe1755144 artist:pia-sama1759 rarity186002 spike80614 dragon58949 pony1015080 unicorn344218 the last problem6109 blushing205273 butt touch4356 carrying2286 dragon on pony action739 eyes closed98574 female1405888 gigachad spike875 hand on butt2941 interspecies23669 kissing25444 male389450 older27905 older rarity746 older spike5525 shipping206169 skunk stripe350 sparity6857 straight140661 winged spike8557 wings123905


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Even though they didn’t confirm it in the end they did give back little hint in the song when Rarity was looking at him.

I’ve been shipping Sparity ever since ‘Secret of My Excess’ first aired, but the age gap has always been the main thing keeping them apart. That being said, I’ve always felt that ‘Like Fine Wine’ features the best possible way to bring Rarity and Spike together, and now they’re around the proper age for a similar scenario to happen. Also, maybe my shipping goggles are too tight, but I really think this brief look she gave him in the final episode was deliberate…
The show’s staff are fully aware of how popular Sparity is, which is why they probably left it open-ended with an older Rarity and a mature, winged Spike.

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Oh my god I just noticed, Spike grows up looking pretty much the same way Pia-sama has been drawing aged up Spike all this time!
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That's him, officer
Very nice. Considering Rarity and Spike in the finale, I’m expecting some art in the vein of ‘Like Fine Wine’
Background Pony #2478
Rarity waiting for him for years to grow this big is worth it.
If she kiss him on the lips during his small body size, it will look so wrong that why she only kiss on his cheeks but now her little Spikey wikey have grown into on strong dragon, she will not only going to kiss him on the lips after this.
Background Pony #A1EE
Seems pretty accurate. Now we actually have no reason to deny it. He likes older mares, she likes strong and young males, he is not “young” anymore and interspecies relationship are widespread in Equestria so Rarity doesn’t have to worry about anything.
Seriously, there is no way Rarity would not want to at least date him.