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Background Pony #3522
i disagree with you. 1 . cartoon animation started around 1920s – 2019 today. yes i agree that some but not all cartoon shows aren’t good almost every one of them are good with bigger fanbases then others that aren’t, and there are some that are still going on now , and new ones that are terrible, or not so good. really good ones old, and new ones some are good but others are bad now that i don’t watch it anymore ones that aren’t like originals, or reboots are worse, or bad. new millennium of new shows don’t make no common sense that go bad while almost all, or some are really good shows that make common sense then others. too much ongoing tv shows today are going to get bad, or good , or worse, to end it on finale.
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Background Pony #68FB
The only worthy cartoons currently running right now are Ducktales, Miraculous, Tangled, Hilda, Big Hero 6 and Amphibia, with the only worthy coming up being The Owl House. However, three of them, Ducktales, Tangled and Hilda is VERY likely they’re gonna end next year, so even less shows to enjoy soon enough. Will 4 mere shows be enough to keep interest on the media going… I don’t think so…
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Background Pony #3351
We will never forget this renaissance. But most of all…

We will never forget what started it.

I wanna be famous.
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The Induvidual Human
Oh, ok, it’s cool.

Good series? I mean, subjective. Those are only two cartoons. There were many more during the 2000’s, which up to this day is considered "millenium animation". As I’ve stated before this being the digital entertainement age, it is far more difficult to categorize, as cartoons hold far bigger and stronger bases and therefore the industry is going to be booming for years to come, regardless what some may say about "quality".
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Dumpster Fire
I was approaching it in terms of when good series debuted, more so than concluded. Or otherwise. As an example, Spongebob is certainly part of the late end of the cartoon renaissance, even though it is still going and going and going, and is a shadow of its former self, it is a child of 1999 and not 2019.

The Simpsons is one of the crowning jewels of the cartoon ren, despite it also being in a horrid zombified state. It is nonetheless a creature of the nineties with a foot in the backdoor of ’89.

Unless you mean you disagree that this would qualify as a second ren, in which case I can kinda see your point.

As for the attention span comment I hope that wasn’t leveled explicitly at me, I’m certainly not somebody who forgets the things I loved. Rather, I dwell on them perhaps too much.
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