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safe1613537 edit122897 edited screencap59176 screencap210524 applejack162399 fluttershy202786 pinkie pie207253 rainbow dash223818 rarity173541 spike75661 twilight sparkle287990 alicorn205603 dragon50765 pony881186 the last problem5003 201047 2019459 adventure time1394 decade9 end of g498 end of ponies772 ended2 farewell43 ferb fletcher30 gigachad spike684 gravity falls1294 mane seven6145 mane six30350 mordecai422 mordecai and rigby86 ok ko let's be heroes33 older24288 older applejack639 older fluttershy608 older mane seven207 older mane six315 older pinkie pie604 older rainbow dash690 older rarity612 older spike4752 older twilight1332 phineas and ferb261 phineas flynn36 regular show609 rest in peace322 rigby187 series finale147 star vs the forces of evil470 steven universe1428 the amazing world of gumball218 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118237 winged spike7818


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Background Pony #7570
to be fair this is more representing the Age of Enlightenment era of Animation/Cartoons the Renaissance Age of Animation/Cartoons was during the 90s
Background Pony #BE1E
I remember when it reached to 2007, cartoons got really bad. Cartoon Network and Nick lacked great shows and majority of them were mediocre. It wasn't until a few years later when we really started getting some excellent new. This is one of those cartoons that revived the dying animation genre. The late 2000's ended pretty awful but the 2010's started began a new change-up.
Background Pony #1B34
i disagree with you. 1 . cartoon animation started around 1920s — 2019 today. yes i agree that some but not all cartoon shows aren't good almost every one of them are good with bigger fanbases then others that aren't, and there are some that are still going on now , and new ones that are terrible, or not so good. really good ones old, and new ones some are good but others are bad now that i don't watch it anymore ones that aren't like originals, or reboots are worse, or bad. new millennium of new shows don't make no common sense that go bad while almost all, or some are really good shows that make common sense then others. too much ongoing tv shows today are going to get bad, or good , or worse, to end it on finale.
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