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I have several jokes for this, and quite honestly putting all these tags was a pain in the ass, and I know I didn't get them all.


It's like Smash Bros. EVERYONE IS FRIENDS

safe1616159 screencap210879 amethyst star2388 autumn blaze3514 ballista119 big macintosh27093 billy (dragon)138 blaze279 chancellor neighsay604 chief thunderhooves272 derpy hooves48650 firelight386 flam2035 fleetfoot2014 flim2151 gabby2217 garble1687 gilda9248 grampa gruff273 greta405 lemon hearts2009 little strongheart788 lyra heartstrings28426 minuette5537 misty fly502 moondancer4570 night light2101 party favor1453 pharynx914 prince rutherford717 princess ember5983 prominence219 rain shine399 silver lining238 silver zoom235 sky beak132 soarin'13488 sparkler2238 spitfire12922 stellar flare1095 sunburst6163 surprise2896 tempest shadow16164 terramar701 thorax4074 trixie64027 twilight velvet3982 buffalo908 changedling7686 changeling42997 dragon50940 earth pony216106 griffon25128 hippogriff8800 kirin7441 pegasus257461 pony883972 unicorn285436 yak4250 zebra16274 the ending of the end2917 animated94185 changedling brothers252 cloak3945 clothes426193 cloud28489 cloudy5994 everycreature44 evil grin4102 flying35588 glowing horn17722 goggles13374 grin34640 hat79568 horn52151 king thorax2693 magic68464 prince pharynx657 smiling224610 smirk11567 wonderbolts3456


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Big loud things on poles
if you call in the us army, then they'll be unstopable since they'll be backed by the most powerful country's army on planet earth
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