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I think I've done it!! They came out so adorable~! > w <
After trying so many styles I think this one may actually be the style I'll use for chibi's ^ o ^
The top left is my OC Princess Aurelia~ Top right is of course my fave Twilight Sparkle > w o
Bottom left is my OC Eclair~ And Finally bottom right is Princess Luna, although personally I do like her original S1 look way more, I wanted to try out the magical look for practice.

Edit: Vote in my poll for the next 4 main ponies you want drawn next~!

Published: November 19, 2012

This artist has also made hundreds of OC pictures which I just don’t care to upload. Check out their dA if you’re interested!
safe (1446032)artist:piichu-pi (60)princess luna (88727)twilight sparkle (263602)oc (533196)oc:eclair (21)oc:princess aurelia (2)alicorn (167649)changeling queen (8140)pony (713657)unicorn (210617)changeling queen oc (1424)chibi (11331)clothes (361926)deviantart watermark (1438)female (775366)magic (58565)mare (344788)obtrusive watermark (2319)one hoof raised (565)quill (2100)scarf (18144)scroll (2764)simple background (295434)telekinesis (21211)transparent background (153956)unicorn twilight (8478)watermark (12837)writing (983)yellow changeling (483)


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