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I said I'd finish by today and I did~!
Here is a finished Twilight Sparkle, Nightmare Moon and Eclair Pony Pendant! And they look awesome!!! > w <
While I do love my other necklace versions, I really think these look much more elegant and I hope you guys like them too~

I’ll try to have a better image up tomorrow, the only one who actually has a good enough camera is my sister, and she kept complaining I was taking to long taking a picture -__- I’ll have a better one up tomorrow.

Obviously I’ll be keeping Eclair’s but I’ll be auctioning off Nightmare and Twilight tomorrow night at 8pm pst. Tonght at 8~!! I’ll post them up seperate with a clearer image. The entire piece is about 2in in height.They come with the silver snake chain necklace shown, the gold one is mine xD
If your interested come back tomorrow~! If it goes well, commissions for these will begin immediately after. > w o

Published: February 4, 2013

This artist has also made hundreds of OC pictures which I just don’t care to upload. Check out their dA if you’re interested!
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