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And that's the end of the story.

…Do you want to read it again?
safe1613256 screencap210507 applejack162378 fluttershy202746 pinkie pie207220 rainbow dash223786 rarity173518 spike75644 twilight sparkle287931 alicorn205540 the last problem4999 animated94046 book31470 book of harmony97 bookends15 closing the book3 fin58 full circle38 gigachad spike682 mane six30343 older24271 older applejack637 older fluttershy603 older mane seven205 older mane six313 older pinkie pie601 older rainbow dash687 older rarity609 older spike4748 older twilight1329 the end204 the magic of friendship grows86 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118216


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52 comments posted
Background Pony #9187
I'm sorry, but this was not a good way to end the series. The way they made Twilight taller looks ridiculous.
Background Pony #B63E
Play the ending violin symphony of Avicii's tribute concert over this. Your eyes will never be dry.
Background Pony #EDBA
I called that ,i knew that the last shot would be of the book from the first episode (but i cant find my comment :-( )
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Temporal Physicist
To be honest, when the song started, I was expecting a full montage of key scenes from the entire series, like an expanded version of what we got at the Season 3 Finale.

I wonder if someone else has made an AMV of that?
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Background Pony #4C39
Better yet, a background video montage for each iconic character with voice actor name like Avengers: Endgame. The Brony Avenger already did it on YouTube btw.
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Background Pony #EBE1

P.S.: Wouldn't it be cool if the book closed and a hand picked it up and showed the person holding it to be Lauren Faust, view slowly zooms out to reveal the writers, staff, and VAs with a "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING" text?
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Background Pony #A1BB
We still have the Season 10 comic books scheduled for April 2020 which could fill in the blanks between “The Ending of the End” and “The Last Problem”.
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