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A big thank you to Loryska for this piece. I know darker, sad art can sometimes be something artists shy away from, so it means a lot to me that they accepted and did it as well as they did. It's unfortunately a pretty accurate depiction of things at the moment…
safe1613705 artist:loryska269 oc625748 oc only417556 oc:ember burd105 griffon25051 begging913 big eyes924 brick wall392 colored wings5200 crying40970 depressing107 eared griffon178 gradient wings495 griffon oc1746 homeless251 looking up14792 multicolored wings2281 paws4438 rain5717 sad23134 series finale blues57 sitting57391 solo1001958 spread wings49570 talons1151 unemployment17 will x for y55 wings87255


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Artist -

Oh Jesus… you poor, drenched, and possibly starved Birb… I shall not offer you just a wheelbarrow of seed, but a roof to be sheltered from all natural disasters until you’ve get back on your paws :3

Also, regards to irl, I do hope you wriggle out of the situation your dealing with right now. My best wishes to you UvU
Background Pony #06C4
Oh my! The show barely ended and the mlp artists already started running out of commissions!
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Alternately… join me for dinner. Take my spare bedroom for the night. After breakfast, we can negotiate a wage for you. I kinda need a housekeeper/errandgriff…
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