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safe (1442706)artist:sibashen (171)apple bloom (44015)scootaloo (46908)sweetie belle (44185)earth pony (153115)pegasus (192775)pony (710965)unicorn (209370)the last problem (2261)spoiler:s09e26 (2282)adorabloom (2009)adult (2018)bow (19722)chibi (11281)cute (151118)cutealoo (2220)cutie mark crusaders (16417)diasweetes (2183)female (772768)floppy ears (41764)goldie delicious' scarf (14)hair bow (10594)horn (27448)lineless (3163)looking back (42513)mare (343272)no pupils (2728)older (19201)older apple bloom (1167)older scootaloo (1276)older sweetie belle (1269)open mouth (105825)raised hoof (32511)raised leg (5900)smiling (185852)sparkles (3380)spread wings (41535)trio (6111)walking (3495)wings (54512)


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