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The (almost) full compilation of Wilhelm scream from MLP franchise, based on informations from Wiki.

20 in total.
safe1616201 screencap210891 ahuizotl808 angel bunny9508 apple bloom47520 applejack162645 babs seed5637 berry punch6226 berryshine6218 big macintosh27094 blues937 bon bon15679 brawly beats266 bright idea323 bright smile111 captain planet665 castle (crystal pony)111 cherry crash596 chickadee842 cloudy kicks410 coco crusoe559 daisy2316 daring do6229 diamond mint185 discord29493 dove (character)21 flower wishes2185 fluttershy203050 heath burns408 humdrum440 indigo wreath497 lemon hearts2009 linky1420 lyra heartstrings28426 lyrica lilac261 masked matter-horn788 merry may744 ms. peachbottom842 night glider1297 noi604 nolan north447 normal norman865 noteworthy937 old spice (character)17 parasol578 party favor1453 pinkie pie207532 ponet344 princess cadance31082 princess ember5983 rainbow dash224112 rainbowshine845 rarity173826 red gala160 rose heart615 rover970 royal riff340 ruby pinch1252 sandalwood1031 sassaflash870 scott green411 scribble dee499 sea swirl1459 seafoam1459 shining armor22084 shoeshine1535 silver script102 smooze826 spike75771 spring forward41 spring melody1070 sprinkle medley1070 strawberry ice88 sugar belle2886 sunset shimmer58930 sweetie belle47301 sweetie drops15680 twilight sparkle288371 twinkleshine2086 velvet sky498 alicorn206180 crystal pony4291 draconequus9884 dragon50942 earth pony216118 pegasus257475 pony884000 rabbit4730 tatzlwurm243 unicorn285451 yak4251 apple family reunion1051 bloom and gloom1001 daring don't1005 equestria girls187666 equestria girls (movie)6727 for whom the sweetie belle toils794 games ponies play1010 gauntlet of fire1431 keep calm and flutter on1010 legend of everfree7709 magic duel2012 make new friends but keep discord1903 not asking for trouble538 player piano151 power ponies (episode)1757 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2575 rainbow rocks17739 scare master898 tanks for the memories1390 the cutie map4031 three's a crowd1236 absurd file size679 animal3725 animal costume1842 animated94186 apple15282 apple family member2607 apple tree2908 applelion286 armor22337 astrodash194 athena sparkle210 background human6229 background pony9629 balloon9751 barrel1509 big crown thingy2242 black vine595 blast608 canterlot high2546 clothes426216 compilation528 costume25936 derp6455 destruction1371 diamond dudes73 dizzy688 dragon armor268 dragoness7242 dress41153 element of kindness833 element of magic2047 fall formal outfits1340 female1286532 fortress of talacon41 gala dress4352 grand galloping gala498 house2046 jason voorhees187 jewelry55325 jumping3120 magic68465 magic beam310 magic blast963 male343984 mare439660 maze181 multiple heads1554 nightmare night costume1527 our town264 party1754 pinkie puffs171 ponyville5353 power ponies2616 rain5725 regalia17708 rings of scorchero145 screaming3090 sound7663 stallion97878 stick640 sunset satan1318 telekinesis25646 tree29199 trophy682 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118404 two heads637 two-headed dragon57 unicorn twilight14382 wagon850 wall of tags2654 weather factory81 weather factory uniform87 webm11388 wilhelm scream20 yakyakistan137


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Background Pony #4FF6
Jesus,as usual EQG stick out of a franchise called about pony like a jaunissed sore thumb
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Background Pony #9905
not even mlp can escape the Wilhelm scream. makes me wonder like how many times in films and tv the Wilhelm scream was used in total

Oh hell, it's been used hundreds of times in movies, TV shows, videogames and more!

Example: The roar of the "Cloverfield" monster is the Wilhelm scream played backward and slowed down with a lot of reverb and echo effects added.

Do a Google search for the Wilhelm scream and you'll be amazed!
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

not even mlp can escape the Wilhelm scream. makes me wonder like how many times in films and tv the Wilhelm scream was used in total
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