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Lineart – BadgerBen(FA)
Colors – Bestthe

Just a Housewife making sure her husband is as soft as she is.
suggestive (115572)artist:badgerben (2116)artist:bestthe (7)discord (27039)princess celestia (84512)anthro (203932)draconequus (6565)unguligrade anthro (37918)belly (20952)big breasts (57889)boob smothering (459)breasts (209056)busty princess celestia (7941)cookie (2946)dislestia (1384)fat (17880)fatcord (88)feeding (1065)female (776879)food (52406)huge ass (6451)huge breasts (26529)hyper (6686)hyper ass (173)hyper breasts (2894)immobile (2095)impossibly large belly (7807)impossibly large breasts (12460)impossibly large thighs (289)large ass (10208)male (263713)morbidly obese (6068)obese (9127)overweight (310)shipping (166951)smothering (460)straight (111017)thighs (5027)thunder thighs (5192)


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