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Lineart — BadgerBen(FA)
Colors — Bestthe

Just a Housewife making sure her husband is as soft as she is.
suggestive132636 alternate version38122 artist:badgerben2207 artist:bestthe8 discord29484 princess celestia91174 alicorn206074 draconequus9875 anthro240198 unguligrade anthro44428 belly25937 big breasts73798 boob smothering602 breasts254247 busty princess celestia9593 cookie3408 dislestia1430 fat20655 fatcord95 feeding1223 female1286173 food64288 housewife218 huge breasts34476 huge butt8753 hyper9216 hyper breasts4129 hyper butt351 immobile2548 impossibly large belly9576 impossibly large breasts15491 impossibly large thighs525 large butt14337 male343828 morbidly obese7224 obese10701 overweight354 shipping188331 smothering653 straight127828 thighs9940 thunder thighs7242


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