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apple bloom (30990)applejack (96754)artist:tonyfleecs (529)bon bon (10282)butt stallion (104)clean (94)comic (47686)cover (1622)crystal heart (444)crystal spike (8)crystallized (880)cutie mark crusaders (10901)derpy hooves (35262)epic wife tossing (166)fluttershy (119811)idw (8302)king sombra (8082)lyra heartstrings (18778)mane seven (2604)mane six (15656)official (3218)official comic (362)pinkie pie (123811)princess cadance (18039)rainbow dash (135484)rarity (100805)safe (844985)scootaloo (32872)shining armor (12907)spike (41765)sweetie belle (31444)time turner (3255)twilight sparkle (160857)vinyl scratch (19200)


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