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Applejack: Twilight! There you are! You mind tellin' your friend here that I don't need an official guard wherever I go? Especially if he ain't gonna help carry apples?
safe1613272 screencap210507 applejack162380 twilight sparkle287937 alicorn205549 earth pony215169 unicorn284291 the ending of the end2910 apple15237 applejack is not amused607 applejack's hat6017 armor22299 balloon9742 bucket2153 cowboy hat14017 cutie mark43693 female1283840 food64105 freckles26119 frown21809 gritted teeth10823 hat79355 male342946 mare438565 personal space invasion736 ponytail16423 raised eyebrow6307 raised hoof40631 royal guard7149 stallion97520 stare1312 stetson4879 suspicious367 trio7695 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118219 unamused14595


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
HEY, as a pony who dabbles in the fine arts of home security, you could NEVER be too careful with keeping tabs on merchandise these days! This city had experienced too few many invasions and royal security is NOT going to take any chances over who comes in and out of these walls!
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