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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe (1461926)artist:whitepone (406)oc (541906)oc:calamity (605)oc:littlepip (3532)oc only (371856)oc:pyrelight (98)oc:steelhooves (231)oc:velvet remedy (936)oc:xenith (143)balefire phoenix (104)earth pony (159027)pegasus (199158)phoenix (1011)pony (727143)unicorn (216958)zebra (13898)fallout equestria (13974)armor (19412)bandage (4533)battle saddle (288)clothes (367177)cowboy hat (11087)dashite (408)fanfic (9693)fanfic art (11683)female (788798)fight (5279)floppy ears (42320)fluttershy medical saddlebag (188)flying (30745)frown (20069)glare (7716)glowing horn (14150)gritted teeth (9368)gun (12775)handgun (2015)hat (67336)hooves (14965)horn (29037)levitation (9105)lidded eyes (20005)little macintosh (483)machine gun (417)magic (59353)male (268128)mare (353099)medical saddlebag (224)minigun (388)one eye closed (21391)open mouth (107822)optical sight (906)pipbuck (2999)power armor (1052)powered exoskeleton (552)rearing (4612)revolver (1359)rifle (3037)rocket launcher (406)saddle bag (4557)scope (196)shooting (427)size difference (11102)spread wings (42176)stallion (77133)steel ranger (283)steel rangers (103)telekinesis (21627)vault suit (2958)weapon (23742)wings (56206)

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