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safe (1448379)artist:jargon scott (1783)princess celestia (84542)alicorn (168088)pony (716027)alcohol (5266)beer (1216)beer belly (21)bottle (3037)clothes (362692)depressed (624)depressedia (48)fat (17881)featureless crotch (5411)female (777406)food baby (113)lazy (187)magic (58642)mare (346129)not pregnant (38)redlettermedia (19)robe (2569)sitting (46934)solo (888319)zoom layer (942)


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Thorned Rose Ninja

@Background Pony #7B92
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Background Pony #5ACE
You’re not supposed to hit a mare, especially not when she’s royalty, and even more especially when she’s the closest thing to a deity on the planet.
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You should play some of those newfangled "video games."

Especially the unique "exercise games" like Prance Prance Revolution and Beat Satyr. The endorphins mingle with the flashing lights and exciting game in a way that creates a simply perfect experience :)
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