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safe1613988 artist:jargon scott2196 princess celestia91114 alicorn205704 pony881567 alcohol6347 beer1541 beer belly30 bottle3711 clothes425295 depressed734 depressedia53 fat20619 featureless crotch6448 female1284732 food baby157 lazy221 magic68337 mare438883 not pregnant45 redlettermedia27 robe3325 sitting57412 solo1002258 zoom layer1096


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Background Pony #6753
You're not supposed to hit a mare, especially not when she's royalty, and even more especially when she's the closest thing to a deity on the planet.
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Bespectacled Birbcat
You should play some of those newfangled "video games."

Especially the unique "exercise games" like Prance Prance Revolution and Beat Satyr. The endorphins mingle with the flashing lights and exciting game in a way that creates a simply perfect experience :)
Background Pony #017B
I maintain that Celestia and Luna will spend copious amounts of time messing around in retirement.
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