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This was another image I'd finished a long time ago, but I never posted it because something didn't feel right. But might as well post it since I'm not gonna change it.

How do you suppose Rarity got into this situation? What's she so happy about? Let your imagination run wild.
dead source20652 suggestive132381 artist:mintydrop2013162 rarity173520 equestria girls187150 the other side467 belly25846 big belly9502 big breasts73528 breasts253373 clothes424888 eyes closed83874 female1283837 hyper9164 hyper pregnancy2579 impossibly large belly9530 preggity254 pregnant12546 pregnant equestria girls363 sexy26477 smiling223990 solo1001445 solo female171249


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A dream of a pregnancy fashion line and what she would look like in one of her works, perhaps. Just a flight of fancy about what a maternity outfit could truly be… with perhaps the slightest thought of what it would feel like to be the one needing it.
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