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Cozy Glow: Um, hello? I'm the best one out of all of us! Nobody sees—-

Lord Tirek: What are you talking about?!

Queen Chrysalis: The best at what?!

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safe1636657 screencap213462 cozy glow6871 lord tirek5151 queen chrysalis33632 alicorn210396 centaur3077 changeling43942 changeling queen14411 pony901660 the ending of the end3003 alicornified5063 angry25493 argument769 bell4144 bow26462 bracer400 cloven hooves9352 cozycorn631 faic11758 female1302634 filly62718 flying36094 frustrated523 grogar's bell434 hair bow14442 male350197 nose piercing2519 nose ring2025 piercing37949 race swap13585 rage1429 trio7941 upset1170


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Background Pony #1A58
She's the one who brought you all together, you fools!!! You should be giving credit to her for getting all of them that far!!

Still, she should at least divide the alicorn powers among you all!