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I had the urge to revisit my old flame.

I'm not the best when it comes to anatomy. I'm not even the best when it comes to shading. I'll be the first to admit those truths. Nevertheless, I like to think I've improved over the years. I've picked up tricks and techniques, such as flipping line-art once I've drawn it, correcting issues, and then flipping it back. Anyway, I got the urge to revisit Fluttershy this week, and I really tried to nail both her pose and proportions. I'm honestly not sure if her cleavage should be visible from this angle, and there's probably something else here that I've overlooked, but at the very least, I think it's an improvement over my previous Fluttershy images, even the animated ones.
suggestive132608 artist:lordstormcaller111 fluttershy202967 pegasus257198 anthro240139 adorasexy8871 bbw4054 belly25926 big belly9575 bikini16745 breasts254165 busty fluttershy15866 chubbyshy142 clothes425865 cute186222 fat20645 fattershy1103 female1285926 flutterbutt4520 lip bite10808 looking at you152563 mare439378 obese10693 sexy26589 solo1003483 solo female171619 stupid sexy fluttershy984 swimming pool2487 swimsuit26201 the ass was fat12969 wet7431


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